Kennatsu Shidori: A Xyrian cleric in training who was so close to his graduation... 'til his compassion and world view (along with healing the child of a known evil creature) got him branded and kicked out. Unlike other many other clerics and paladins he doesn't see the world in black and white, and to him there aren't a lot of things that are set in stone. Apparently Emporer Mortious wants him very dead...

Ranne Arndt: A warrior who hails from Nalin Village. She had just quit her mercenary job and was trying out adventuring alone when she is ambushed by men looking for her Black Runesword, which Emporer Mortious wants. Things looked grim until Kennatsu showed up to heal her so she could win her fight. She journeys with him because she feels she owes him her life and that by following him she herself might achieve the fame and glory that only her former mercanary group leader had achieved.

Keina Galford: A young wizard and daughter of an innkeeper. Her parents are former adventurers themselves. For reasons not yet known, her mother has fallen asleep, and she needs a Xyrian cleric to cure her. Upon meeting Kennatsu she instantly falls in love (or is this just some kind of strong fascination?). She decides to accompany Kennatsu and Ranne to help them get an herbal ingredient that Kennatsu needs to help her mother (and to try to keep Ranne from stealing Kennatsu from her).

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